About Us

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Our history

Our passion for fast food or you can say chatpata khana can be traced back to our founder, Roshni Savla & her mom”s love affair with Street food. Unhappy with the nutritional but blend khana, they experimented with everything to make it tastier along with healthier food, knocked down a wall to squeeze it in, and opened our very first cloud kitchen at Aamchi Mumbai .

Unbox Wishlist Café Founder Daughter Roshni Savla & Mommy Rekha Sonchhatra threw open the doors of the very first cloud kitchen at Aamchi Mumbai, in 2020,bringing chatpata khana with 100% nutritional value for our Mumbaikars


Unbox Wishlist Café has a varied selection of foods and drinks. It is a place where people who cook with love and a spirit of adventure prepare different cuisines. Our ingredients are chosen with care, we try our best to buy local, and stay away from using artificial colorants and preservatives.

Unbox Wishlist Café is casual yet approachable, stylish yet affordable place that offers good quality food and great service. It offers you a wide range of best quality food and beverages at an affordable price. On way to work or way back to home, these cafe offers great flexibility and ease to commuters while traveling and is one of a kind.