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About Unbox Wishlist

Hi. I am Roshni Sonchhatra the brain and soul of Unbox Wishlist. I understand the human inquisitiveness to know, see and experience new things. Hence let me take this opportunity to put some light on the entire journey of Unbox Wishlist viz. from its inception to this present day.

The aim of entire team at Unbox Wishlist is to sell and/or rent every single product and merchandise available in every corner of our planet. We at Unbox Wishlist believe that though people of different countries are miles away from each other but Unbox Wishlist should connect them within a second.

Unbox Wishlist is an online project initiated with the support of (1) Bhavani Dresswala owned by Mr. Ajay S. Sonchhatra (my father) (2) Shree Balaji Dresswala owned by Mr. Chirag S. SonchhatraΒ  (my brother) and(3) Β Shripati Collection owned by Nidhi C. Sonchhatra (my sister in law). Hence Unbox Wishlist is a family oriented website which has goodwill, expertise and experience of 3 generations. My father customizes costumes in films and my elder brother every year customizes costumes for college annual shows and television event shows.

At, Unbox Wishlist, we sell and rent out wide variety of party accessories, ethnic wear (for men and women), traditional costumes, clutches, purses, leather bags, umbrellas, footwear and many more customized items at viable and feasible rates so you can dress up,party and flaunt all year round with us. Our design team works round the clock researching product trends to bring you the most creative designs every year. Each and every product is designed by our professional teams, ensuring the absolute highest safety standards.

We will frequently keep updating our website with more new products, costumes and accessories in a phase wise manner. Hence please keep visiting our website to update yourself with our new costumes and products.